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Student understanding of historical efforts directed at the detection of deception, identification of the theoretical basis for detection of deception efforts, recognition of instrumentation developments, and understanding of the more significant contributions of individuals and organizations within the polygraph profession.

Student understanding of the mechanical operations of computerized polygraph instruments, the proper collection of polygraph tests, chart markings, maintenance, and calibration. 

Student recognition of evaluation criteria and ability to evaluate polygraph tests, using global and numerical scoring systems, and computer scoring algorithms.

COST $200.OO

Student understanding of and ability to conduct proper pretest interviews to psychologically prepare the examinee for testing; and, student understanding of and ability to conduct appropriate post-test interviews to resolve polygraph issues.

Student practice and skill development when performing as a polygraph examiner in the preparation phase, pretest, test, analysis, and post-test phases of various polygraph techniques; with individual and group critiques.

Student understanding of report writing essentials and various types of reports for the polygraph profession.

COST $500.OO


Student understanding and ability to use varying techniques including comparison question techniques, relevant-irrelevant techniques, guilty knowledge tests, and the peak of tension tests.


Student understanding of and ability to properly develop test questions for various polygraph testing



Student understanding of "professional issues" and ethical dilemmas that polygraph examiners encounter; including professional competence, standards, and principles of practice, ethical codes and case studies of ethically questionable conduct.




4.BI Zona.

5.Relevante & Irrelevant.


7.Federal ZCT.

8. P.O.T.

COST $500.OO

The techniques and strategies in each step of this advance technique will reinforce your abilities to obtain a confession in the areas of criminal investigation and pre-employment screening. In today’s world where the criminal has evolved in an alarming way, it is our responsibility to step up your skills, better training and refine your skills.  This new method  is unique and it will give the tools that will inspire and motivate you.

This technique will be the foundation of the polygraph, your personal manual, it comes with some of my personal experience and techniques, strategies most used by Arizona School of Polygraph Science and CREA , without compromising confidential information.


This new technique is not only for polygraph examiner, is for everyone in the field of investigators, criminologists, psychologists, RH, etc.

New procedures and strategies that will help address organizational changes caused by difficult economic times. Discover new approaches and techniques.


Use the practical tips from our Polygraph examiners to create an environment that fosters professional satisfaction and encourages employee development, a crucial component to ensure that your company has a true and sustainable competitive advantage.

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