Joe Perry
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We are committed to widening access to polygraph information and products, so more polygraph examiners can benefit, no matter where they live in the world or what they can afford to pay.

Joseph is known for his unique style of teaching.  He is an international expert in the field of Polygraph, especially for his interview and the criminal investigation techniques, is the founder of CREA Polygraph Group that operates in the USA and Mexico,  is the director of the Arizona School of Polygraph Science (ASPS), and CREA BELIEVE.

ASPS and CREA are the pioneers in the development of ONLINE courses and workshops where the theory is immediately put into practice.

Joseph is the author of :

      Polygraph in 14 steps.

     14 Pasos para Obtener una confesion.


Arizona School Of Polygraph Science Since 1985

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Since 1985 still Maintain a competitive edge. Our polygraph development programs give you the management and leadership skills you need to get ahead as a polygraph examiner and business partner.



Online Classes are open 365 days.  This allows for flexible learning self-instruction.  Registration is open 24 hours seven days a week.  Applicants must complete all necessary enrollment procedures prior to being accepted into a class. Each student must have access to the internet to take the online courses.



The course tuition will cover all manuals, textbooks, lab materials, and 365 days of continuous education. (Polygraph instrument not included). 

On-campus courses are held every two months in Phoenix Arizona.  This will include 30 days of continuous intense training 

Will be held as follows:







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