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Joseph O. Perry


Meet a Globally Celebrated Educator and Polygraphy Maestro: Friendly, Fascinating, and Filled with Authority


Step into the world of a distinguished educator and polygraphy expert, whose innovative teaching approach has garnered acclaim worldwide. With a shining reputation as a pioneering force in polygraphy, interviewing, and crime investigation, he has carved out a niche as a true luminary in his field.


Wearing the prestigious hat of the esteemed director of ASPS and CREA LLC, his expansive operations resonate from Phoenix, Arizona to Mexico City, transcending borders and leaving a global imprint. The groundbreaking "14 Steps to Obtain a Confession" technique is his brainchild, alongside the Technical Verification Interview - both milestones bearing his esteemed certification. These contributions solidify his standing as a paramount figure in leveraging polygraphy for legal proceedings, making his expertise an unwavering pillar in the quest for justice.


His journey spans over a decade as a polygraph examiner and instructor, reflecting unmatched proficiency in interviewing, interrogation, and investigative strategies. His guidance emerges as a beacon of success, no matter the realm – labor, judiciary, or investigation. Specializing in conducting intricate interviews and interrogations with diverse individuals – from witnesses and security personnel to level 5 criminals and prison staff – his skills stand unmatched.


Embark on this compelling voyage of insight and innovation with a leader whose authority, experience, and personable approach make every encounter an opportunity for growth and learning. Let his story inspire and his expertise guides you in the intricate paths of polygraphy and investigation, where his light shines bright as a guiding star.

Yedhane Pineda

Director  México

Meet a Visionary Entrepreneur Driving CREA's Success

Introducing a dynamic businesswoman known for her unwavering drive and relentless dedication. Her commitment is the driving force behind CREA's consistent overachievement of projections year after year, propelling the company to national and international recognition.

In 2008, CRE embarked on its journey as a Control and Trust Center based in CDMX. Today, our presence extends to pivotal cities across the Mexican landscape. Under the astute leadership of Lic. Yedhane Pineda, a resolute vision is in motion — to position CREA among Mexico's top 10 most prosperous enterprises.

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We understand the importance of truth and accuracy in today’s society, and we strive to provide the best  polygraph (lie detector) services available. Our team is passionate about helping you get the answers you need to make informed decisions. Choose ASPS 365 for your Polygraph ( lie detector) needs today.
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